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Visit the Beautiful Places in Darjeeling, the Queen of the Himalayas

the portrayal of this entire province is confined to not many figurative words. A blend of majestic mountains, tempting tea garden and tiny toy train, this is how we envision the mainstay of dazzling Darjeeling. Being one of the most explored hill stations in the state of West Bengal, the picturesque panorama of the Himalaya in Darjeeling woo number of visitors from all around the sphere Terra Hill. On a bright sunny day, you can catch a sheer glimpse of the Himalayan range and Tiger Hill, which further offers you a spectacular vista of the majestic Kanchenjunga. Based upon the magnificent sight that a bystander can experience from Darjeeling, the place has been crowned as the “Queen of the Himalayas. “Literally, there are two words ‘dorje’ and ‘ling’ that compile the name of Darjeeling wherein, the word ‘dorje’ indicates ‘thunderbolt’ and the word ‘ling’ signifies a place. Thus, the word Darjeeling in particular denotes a place of thunderbolt. Nestled at an elevation of more than 2000 meters, the scenic environs of Darjeeling district is the prime means of tourism industry in the state of West Bengal.

If you plunge into the decades back history of Darjeeling, the place was taken over by the British in 1835. During that period of time, a deed was signed between the British and the Chogyal monarch of Sikkim. The then Darjeeling was merely a land full of thick bush and an abode to the tribal inhabitants. Moving ahead with time, the blend of soothing climate and serenity of this beautiful terrain was well-admired by the British. As a result of which Darjeeling was further transformed into a sanatorium and a settlement for the British troop. Further, post independence the district became a home land to various immigrants from the places like Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal and Tibet.

The original inhabitants of Darjeeling are the Lepchas, who are basically from the Mongolian source. They speak ‘Rong-Ring’ language. By religion the Lepchas are mostly Buddhists. In addition, you will also notice many other tribes here who have adopted Christianity and Hinduism. Thus, a rich variety of cultural and religious diversity can be observed in Darjeeling that harmonise the blend of Gorkhas, Tibetans, Christians and Hindus. Besides, the presence of multiple immigrants has added a mix of religious faiths, arts, crafts, traditional songs and dances in this undulating region. This is why you come to witness a variety of festivals that are celebrated here with equal gusto. Some of the popular festivals of Darjeeling include Buddha Jayanti, Dasain, Diwali and Loshar. Apart from the scenic grandeur of Darjeeling, this popular hill station of West Bengal also tempts visitors for its scrumptious ethnic foods. Due to diverse origins and cultural variations, you will get to taste here various lip-smacking Tibetan, Bengali and Nepali platters. Some of the local snacks and drinks that you can’t afford to skip in Darjeeling are Tongba, Churpee, Momos, Naga Platter, Sael Roti, Thukpa and Channg. And last but not the least, the famous Darjeeling tea without which your trip to Darjeeling will remain incomplete. So, make sure you don’t skip a sip of revitalizing Darjeeling tea.

The terra firma of vibrant tea estate and relaxing climate make the presence of visitor here quite delightful. Summer hits the region in the month of April and it lasts here till June. During summers the weather condition in Darjeeling is not that hot and humid. The temperature that time climbs maximum up to 250C. After summer, Darjeeling is encircled with monsoon, which lasts here from July to August. During monsoon, intense rainfall here refrain the visitors from enjoying a blissful time. Hence, monsoon is not considered as a perfect time to pay a visit to Darjeeling. Moving ahead with seasonal climate, winter enters the region in the month of late September or early October and it continues here till March. During winter the overall ambience in Darjeeling turns absolutely freezing with the mercury drops down up to the level of -2 °C. Stand tall at an elevation of more than 2, 500 meters and situated nearly 13 kms from the main city, Tiger Hill is unquestionably one of the major tourist pullers in Darjeeling. The site is famous for its pinnacle point i. e. Ghoom from where one can witness the spectacular panorama between Mount Everest and Kanchendzonga. Tiger Hill also offers you a charismatic sunrise view amidst the mountains. On a clean sunny morning, you can capture a mesmerising vista of some adjoining peaks like Kokhtang, Rathong and Kabru. One more appealing peak near the hill is Phalut, which offers an exciting trekking trail to the adventure lovers. Following this route you get to reach another stunning location, which is Singalila National Park. Thus, Tiger Hill is an awe-inspiring destination for experiencing the prettiness of nature as well as the thrill of trekking.

Situated nearly 8Kms from the Darjeeling city centre, Ghoom Monastery is another nearby attraction for tourists. There is a 15 ft high statue of ‘Maitreya Buddha’ at the entrance, which grab the attentions of visitors to a large extent. Ghoom Monastery is the largest amongst three other monasteries at Ghum area. This Monastery was built way back in 1875 by Lama Sherab Gyatso. In the monastery complex, you will also come to notice a blend of religious bells, drums and ornate thanka.

Located around 5 Kms from Darjeeling, Batasia Loop is an absolute paradise for nature lovers. This place is popular for a magnificent garden that encircles the narrow gauge track for Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, which is a UNESCO World Heritage rail network. The trains are operated here using the original steam engines. Your trip to Darjeeling remains incomplete unless you take a joyride from Darjeeling town to Ghoom. Kids enjoy the joyride here to the fullest.

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