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Take an Online Course in Responsible Alcohol Retailing

Responsible alcohol retailing is necessary if we as a conscientious society are going to limit the ills caused by alcohol. Drink driving, binge drinking, pavements awash in urine and vomit and alcohol fueled violence are just some of the problems caused by the ‘Friday night piss-up’. Many of our young people now routinely drink themselves senseless. There has been much talk about where to place the blame, but rather than engage in finger pointing it is important for everyone to step up and do their part to put an end to the binge drinking culture.

Certainly an argument could be made that it is the drinker themselves that must learn to say ‘when’. And although in the general sense that is true, it is a proven fact that too much alcohol impairs judgment. This is where responsible alcohol retailing comes into play. If those selling alcohol are vigilant and aware when a customer has passed the line of reasonable consumption then they can cut the customer off before the inebriation level reaches untenable heights. How do you learn the ins and outs of responsible retailing? Exactly when and how do you cut a customer off?

In Great Britain you have access to NCPLH (National Certification for Personal License Holders) training that is designed to instruct you in the methods of responsible alcohol retailing. For owners and or operators of pubs and other establishments that sell alcohol, this training will answer questions about the problems of binge drinking and give you specific methods for  a course in miracles  dealing with customers who have over-indulged, those you suspect of attempting drink driving, and violence brought on by alcohol consumption. These courses are designed to teach you how to avoid problems before they start by recognizing common signs and signals that a customer has had too much to drink.

You can study the NCPLH course on responsible alcohol retailing online. This 5 hour course is easy to complete in the comfort of your own home. Use the online practice test to ensure that you are ready and then register to take the official invigilated test at a testing centre near you. The local pub is a sterling part of Britain’s character – urinating in the street, drink fueled violence and drink driving are not. Do your part to ensure that your ‘local’ be it pub, club or restaurant is practicing responsible retailing and helping to eliminate the blight of binge drinking.


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