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Story Driven RTS Games

When people are asked to name the best rts games for pc and explain their decision, most will leave the narrative as the last argument. Issues like competition, balance and replayability will rank high in their statements, because this is what strategy games are all about. The question is, how much does a compelling story weigh in the balance, and is there a reason for developers to focus a lot of attention on it?

Some will rush to conclusions and proclaim that the best rts games for pc, would still crush the competition, even if they had no story whatsoever. Others will overbid and suggest that developers who invest a lot of resources in the narrative and the supporting video effects are merely hiding the lack of a competent gameplay.

This perspective is of course false, and there are plenty of examples where the best rts games for pc, were propelled by a rock solid storyline. An impressive intro movie, a credible narrative and a main character you can relate to, are the first elements that will lure newcomers into the game’s universe. It is not a trap as some might consider, but rather a sneak preview of what the title has to offer.

Once you are engulfed in the campaign set, you discover step by step how the game mechanics work and what this title brings new to the strategy games community. The best rts games for pc rely heavily on the plot to keep players connected, as the features are revealed gradually. A lengthy campaign will help gamers practice a lot of actions that are crucial in multiplayer, without causing the RTS TV APK impression that they are training for something.

It’s not easy to deliver a product that teaches you useful things, while having fun, but this is exactly what the best rts games for pc achieve. The plot is merely a prelude, but it drives the game in the initial stages and will bring players closer to the core of the videogame. It is unlikely that someone who loved the campaign will give up easily in multiplayer and even if they do, they’ll return when the sequel is released.

Not everyone has the reflexes and the power to concentrate in highly competitive multiplayer contests, but this doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the best rts games for pc. If they find the challenge undesirable, players may return and replay the campaign on a different difficulty. This is an amazing thing, as strategy games don’t score too high in terms of replayability, since most of the missions are very scripted.


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