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MLM Business With Xango

XanGo, a company from Lehi, Utah is one of the largest names in the MLM industry today. They are the first to introduce the mangosteen juice to the market and have sold $1 Billion of products in just 5years. The company started in 2002 and has expanded into 33 countries in 7 years.

So, the question would be Why XanGo? There are so many companies out there to choose from but why should we go for this company that started with a mangosteen juice product.

The first and greatest thing about XanGo is that the hollister free wave executive team is consists of 6 brilliant individuals that can really represent this industry. The founders of the company are Aaron Garrity, Kent Wood, Gordon Morton, Joe Morton, Brian Davis and Gary Hollister. Each has their own characteristics that have brought this company fame.

Combined together, the 6 founders have more than a century of experience in network marketing. They have managed to make the company debt free in less than 8 months and they now possess a headquarters of 30 acres. The key to their success comes with great planning as they approach Wild Flavors to produce their products for them. Up to date, it is said that XanGo is the 2nd largest client to Wild Flavors behind Nestle.

About building the Xango Business, one can start up with $35 and build a business in 33 countries. XanGo is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes time and energy to build the business. It is like any other opportunity out there but with XanGo, it definitely benefits by being the category creator. The important thing in any MLM business is to focus on prospecting and marketing. There is always the requirement of skills like talking over the phone, using the internet and so on. Sometimes, the product sells by itself but we still need to put the prospect in front of the product so that they can see the big picture.

Today, more and more people want natural products and when you combine them with people who wants more income, you will get a massive wave. So, starting your own business with XanGo is definitely lucrative because the company is in a great position. Of course there are many good companies out there, you can choose but at the end of the day, your success will depend on you and not other things.


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