Make Your skin Ready for Winter

Choose hydrating bath skin gels, body washes and face skin cleansers that thoroughly clean and ease your skin, while retaining natural moisture. Make sure it is a place to apply the moisturiser immediately after washing or washing your skin, so your pores absorb moisture and look after it in longer. “Preferably use oil-based moisturisers instead of water-based ones, as oil creates a protecting layer on your skin that retains more moisture, inch says beauty expert.

Skip hot baths.

Treating in a hot tub may seem appealing and wonderful on a cold winter morning, but it can damage your skin. Difficulties steals skin of its moisture and will make it become dry and sluggish. “Instead, take lukewarm showers using a ViroClear Hand Sanitiser moisturising shower gel, oats or cooking pop and moisturise with a lotion later on, inch says dermatologist Doctor Sirish Singhani. It is going to relieve your skin. For extra dry skin, start employing a lotion that contains hot chocolate butter forrich moisturising.

Rejuvenate your skin

Food items containing more Omega-3 efas are good for your heart and keep your skin healthy from the inside out. Incorporate foods such as fish, tuna, walnuts and flaxseeds in your diet; they will assist in natural skin oils and hair. As well, make sure you drink plenty of water; hydrating the body from within helps to keep your skin from becoming dry.

Protect the skin from harsh weather

In case you spend a lot of time outdoors in harsh conditions, layer your skin with petroleum jelly. Massaging exposed areas of skin with jelly safeguards it from the harmful cold and wind flow. Also, attire well is really important. Put on layers of clothes, so that you can set your body heat as needed. Add jewelry and gloves (if needed) to shield those parts of your body which are usually exposed.

Don’t stop sporting sunscreen

Your skin will be open to the sun’s rays, whether it’s a inviting day or a winter afternoon. Put on a sunscreen with an SPF of a minimum of 15 to avoid damage. Apply it approximately thirty minutes before heading outside and put a fresh layer every 2 hours, in case you are planning to stay out much more time. “When sunscreen is applied upon the skin, numerous people experience a painful sensation. This is a sign of having dry skin, inch says Singh. To deal with this distress, you can go for sun screen lotion with added moisturiser.

Protect both hands and heal your heels

Since you make use of both hands all day long, harmful damaged skin on hands can be a problem. Washing both hands frequently may keep viruses from increasing, but it wreaks mayhem on your skin’s moisture level. Wash both hands with cool or lukewarm water and use a mild detergent. Dab both hands dry after which use a moisturiser immediately to revive any moisture lost. Furthermore, if you are used to washing both hands frequently during the day, try using a hand sanitiser rather. When it comes to you, do not forget about pedicures. In case you don’t take proper care of your feet, it is possible to suffer from dry, damaged heels, which can be painful. “Like both hands and face, even you need to be moisturised. Before going to bed, layer you with petroleum jelly, cover them with socks and leave them covered until morning, inch says Doctor Akriti Kochar, beauty and make-up expert, Oriflame. Do this at least one time a week to keep you soft throughout the season.