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Furniture Your Cat Needs

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If you have decided to bring maine coon kittens for sale near me a cat into your home, you have to bring in some necessities which will make it easier for new feline friend to feel at home, too. Let’s start with a place to sleep. Now this is up to you. There are different kind of articles available. Some even use the carrier as a place to sleep for their cat, just put a soft blanket inside and you have to wait if you cat will choose this place as her bed. Let’s be honest – you can buy the most expensive cat bed on the market, but your furry friend might have something completely different in mind, when it comes to his place of rest. The bed should at least be big enough for the cat, even though as you see in the photo below, cats find a place to sleep in the smallest box. below you see some suggestions of what kind of beds are on the market. Your cat will let you know where she likes to sleep. Cats also have the tendency to change their places to sleep.

Like the lion takes care of his claws by scratching a tree, so does your “indoor tiger” something where he can scratch his claws on. If you don’t provide him with a scratch post or a scratch board, he soon will take something else, probably your sofa. So if you want a cat, you also have to provide a piece of furniture for the manicure of your feline friend. There is a huge selection of different kind of scratch towers, scratch posts, and scratch boards. It depends on how much space you have, or you want to offer your cat, and then, of course, how much you want to spend. The scratch post must have a wide base, so it won’t fall when your cat wants to use it, especially if you have a bigger cat, like our 20lbs. Odie. An unsafe scratch post is a waste to buy as it won’t be used by your cat. The scratch furniture should be preferably in the room where most of the activities are going on during the day, so most of the time the living room. If you have the space and want to splurge your cat, especially when you have more than one cat, buy a bigger scratch tree. Cat trees give your cats all the chances to scratch, play, and sleep. There is a huge selection in different sizes and colors, if you want to have the cat furniture fit to your other furniture. For people who don’t have the space or don’t want to spend so much – can this really be??? – just kidding, you have smaller options, which fit every space and pockets.

A carrier for your feline friend is absolute necessary. I can tell you stories about bad behavior of cats, when it comes to sit them in a carrier. I believe it is the easiest way, when you can train your cat from his young years as a kitten. Even riding in a car might then not an issue. So far I was unfortunate, when it comes to cats and cars. The cats make the strangest sounds, as if they are about to die. Anyway, a good and sturdy carrier is a must have. As it is with the scratch post, so it is with the carriers. The selection is huge and it should depend foremost on your cats size. Beware to buy a bigger one if your cat is still growing. You don’t want to buy another one later or listen to your cat’s lamentations. Make sure your carrier closes tight, as cats are strong, especially when they are frightened, sitting. Most carriers usually open from the front. I have very good experience with our latest carrier, which opens to the front and the top. It makes it so much easier to place the cat inside the carrier and get her out again, like for a visit at the vet’s office. Before investing in a carrier, shop around and make sure it is suitable for your furry friend. It also should be easy to clean and to lay something soft inside, which makes it more comfortable for your cat. Below a few examples of different carriers. Of course, the price also varies.

And last, but not least, there is the litter box. The search for the right litter box is, in my opinion, easier than the search for the right litter. Fortunately, there are meanwhile some pretty models on the market. Made out of easy-care plastic, for example, or in silver with glitter, or something fitting to your furnishing. Whether with or without a cover depends on your cat’s or your preference. Both variations have advantages and disadvantages. Without a cover your cat has a lot of fresh air and space above her. With a cover she might feel undisturbed and she can scratch as much as she likes, the litter stays mostly inside the litter box. The important point you should remember, always give your cat enough space, so she won’t feel cramped in the litter box. Next comes to find the right spot to place the litter box. Of course, the first choice should be a bathroom, if space is sufficient. The box should be placed in a discreet spot outside of the major traffic. The pet stores and supermarkets offer a variety of different cat litters, silicate, pellet, pine, clay, corn, wheat, scented, unscented, clumping. You see the range of products is huge. You might have to try some different products to find the right one for your cat and the one that clumps well and absorbs the smell.

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