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Bulldog Puppies – Need a Stable Dog?

English Bulldog Puppies Backyard Playing Young Dogs Stock Photo - Image of  mammal, bully: 134105158Many inexperienced pet owners find themselves stuck with a puppy that is not a good match for their current lifestyle French bulldogs for sale
. For example, some owners have young children in the house. And when their pets play rough, they end up hurting the children. Then there are owners who lead very busy lives, and have little time for play and exercise. As a result, their active pets become unhappy due to lack of exercise.

Much of this problems could be avoided. The key is to preventing potential problems is to understand the dog before bringing it home. Try not to make a buying decision based purely on appearances alone. Outward appearances reveal very little about a pup’s inner world. Different dog breeds have different personalities. To make matters worse, even dogs belonging to the same breed can have very different personalities. If choosing the right dog poses a problem for you, perhaps you can consider buying a bulldog.

Buying a bulldog would be a much safer bet because bulldogs are well known to be very stable pets. They don’t react excessively like some active dogs do. An adult bulldog can look very fierce, but it is really a sweet nature animal. Of course, when provoked or threatened, it can grow aggressive. But under ordinary circumstances, the animal is a rather sociable one. However, the face of this particular animal may appear “ugly” to some, especially children. If you worry about your children not being able to accept the appearance of the dog, try buying a puppy. All puppies are cute and adorable, and that includes bulldog puppies.

Being stable doesn’t mean the animal has a boring personality. In fact, bulldogs are known to mature at a slower rate than most other breeds. It may take as long as 24 months for this dog to reach adulthood. In the meantime, while it is growing up, it remains a fun and playful companion.

The bulldog does not demand attention all the time. When left alone, it can be perfectly contented just lying around patiently. This is because it doesn’t have the energy levels of sports dog. For most pet owners, this is the ideal situation. A dog that requires constant attention can take up a lot of time and effort.

And because of this trait, many people come to the conclusion that the bulldog is a lazy dog. But this is an incorrect observation. Being contented is different from being lazy. The animal doesn’t display a reluctance to play or exercise. It just has this unique ability to wait patiently for play time to come. When the owner has free time for the dog, the pet is more than happy to take walks or play with its owner. Hopefully you have already collected an ample supply of used newspapers to use in house training you new puppy. If not, puppy pads, which are absorbent sterilized pads, are available from pet shops and online retailers. I tend to use newspaper as this is a cheaper option but is a little more work.

Place the newspaper by the puppies bed at night as it is rare for a young puppy to go through the night without relieving himself. Over the next few weeks start moving the paper closer to the outside door to encourage him to realise where he should be looking to go. Within a few weeks you will find that he has better bladder control and will last through the night. First thing in the morning let your puppy out to do his business. As he relieves himself give him praise as this will reinforce in his mind that this is what he needs to be doing.

Bulldog puppies should not be heavily exercised because as they grow at a very fast rate their bones need time to develop and strengthen. It is not uncommon to see a bulldog puppy in a cast because this rule hasn’t been adhered too. When your bulldog is fully grown you will find some just want to stay indoors while others are quite happy going for an hour long walk a day. You will be able to work on an exercise schedule based on your own dogs needs when he is fully grown.

After your puppy has been with you for three days and is starting to settle in you need to take him to a vet for a check up. This gives you peace of mind that you have bought a healthy puppy. Should you encounter any issues contact the breeder right away. A good breeder will be alarmed by this and some will accept the puppy back and will give you a refund. Furthermore it is possible that the condition the puppy is suffering from has also affected the other pups in the litter and the breeder will need to contact the other owners to ensure this isn’t the case. Most breeders of bulldogs are deeply proud of producing quality litters and will do everything possible to ensure the problems are rectified to your satisfaction.

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