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AMC’s Brand New Sci-Fi Zombie End of the World Television Show

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On Halloween the 2010 season, the TV series premier of AMC’s new “The Walking Dead” opened. I myself am an enormous zombie buff, thus I was in fact extremely thrilled to watch this particular TV show. Clearly, this unique television show is groundbreaking. “The walking dead” is undoubtedly the next big thing. The cinematography and epic realistic look really show big promises for the destiny of the TV show. I am pretty sure (but not positive) that this is the first live action zombie television show. The TV show is based on a much commended comic book that also has the exact same name “the walking dead”.

The first part of the show was a necessary introduction homeland project free tv of the main character, a cop residing in a modest area around Atlanta, GA. One day while on the job, he takes a bullet, only to wind up being placed in to a state of coma for an unidentified period of time. However long later on, this police officer wakes up from his choma in an unrecognizable universe. The second he steps out of the door he happens upon a football sized field of decayed beings. The build up of tension is incredible at this part of the show. He shortly meets to 2 more characters, an African American man along with his kid, who are residing in a home near his neighborhood.

The cop learns that his family may still be alive because his house has had all of their photos and clothing taken away. He soon learns that if they are alive, they may be in Atlanta. The cop then travels to Atlanta to get help, only to end up being over run by a zombie army. He finds safety inside a tank, then, right before the credits role, he is contacted by somebody through the radio… and The show ends. The walking dead has big hope, and will likely be a hit for times to come.

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